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Skin rejuvenation



Skin rejuvenation refers to the slowing down or reversal of signs of aging on the skin. This can pertain to wrinkles, fine lines, loss of firmness, etc.

Facial aging is a dynamic process involving the aging of soft tissue and bony structures. Epidermal thinning and the decrease in collagen cause skin to lose its elasticity. Loss of fat, coupled with gravity and muscle pull, leads to wrinkling and the formation of dynamic lines. Demand for a consultation in this area, which has become a social phenomenon, has increased thanks to the remarkable progress made in nonsurgical and less invasive therapies. However, in order to optimize their use and to provide a personalized touch, since each face ages differently, an overall facial analysis, both static and dynamic, is essential.

Dr Kennett has an important role in understanding which treatment options are appropriate for mild, moderate, and severe skin aging signs, as well as educating patients on the risks and benefits of each. This includes resurfacing different modalities and using high quality products that were proven to be safe and effective in reversing signs for skin aging.

Skin rejuvenation treatments

Dermal Fillers

Platelet Rich Plasma

Chemical peel


Botox cosmetic treatments