Men`s health


Men are generally less likely than women to embrace preventive measures because of denial, feelings of invulnerability, lack of time, and even fear of appearing less masculine.

In a dedicated environment at CareMed health clinic, Dr Kennett offers approaches to better serve men`s health. We offer a consultations about personal risk factors, education about screening and prevention, and give the opportunity to process the information to make the required lifestyle changes and treatment options.


• Erectile dysfunction
• Prostatitis
• Genital rashes, infections, or sexually transmitted infections
• Warts
• Lean Muscle Gain
• Performance and stamina-cognitive and physical
• Hair loss
• Body Acne
• Mental health - depression and anxiety

Clinical testing

• Lifelabs: functional testing
• 24 hour urinary hormone testing
• Cardiovascular testing / assessment
• Complete thyroid testing / assessment

Men`s health treatments

Diet and lifestyle counseling

Platelet Rich Plasma

Chemical peel


Functional medicine testing

Naturopathic medicine

Dietary lifestyle and counseling

Platelet rich plasma

Chemical peels

Prescription medications

Functional medicine testing

Naturopathic medicine