Fine lines


Fine lines and wrinkles are visible creases or folds in the skin. If the depth and width are less than 1 mm they are defined as fine lines and those greater than 1 mm as coarse wrinkles.

Different  factors contribute to epidermal thinning, loss of elasticity, skin fragility, and creases and lines in the skin, including exposure to sun, hormonal status, nutritional status and more.

Although, this skin issue cannot be considered a medical illness requiring intervention, concerns about changes in physical appearance brought on by aging can have a detrimental effect on quality of life.

At CareMed halth Dr Kennett uses different modalities to improve skin health and appearance. In addition, Dr Kennett provides details consultation about medical grade cosmetic that is recommended to maintain achieved results.

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• Prevent dynamic wrinkles (such as forehead lines) from becoming static
• Reduce the accelerating depth of a wrinkle


• Use sunscreen
• Get adequate sleep
• Don`t squint - get reading glasses
• Try to nourish your body daily
• Use medical grade cosmetics daily

Fine lines treatments

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Platelet rich plasma

Chemical peels

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