Dysport® cosmetic treatments



Dysport®, much like its competitors (Botox®, Nuceiva®, and  Xeomin®) is a compound derived from a bacterium which interferes temporarily with the innervation of a nerve on a muscle resulting in the relaxation of the muscle – this is known as a “neuromodulator”.

When the muscle is relaxed by a neuromodulator the lines / wrinkles perpendicular to the muscles fibers are softer or become absent.  Small droplets of the neuromodulator are injected with precision and experience using a fine needle by Dr. Kennett.

This is a non-invasive quick and relatively painless procedure.  For optimal results on the skin this procedure is typically repeated every 3 months.

At Dr Kennett’s North Vancouver clinic she prefers to use Dysport®  from the UK.  Botox (USA) and Xeomin (Germany) are also available upon request.

Treatments are also available for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) of the palms and armpits (axillae) as well as mesobotox for rosacea, and blushing.

For enquiries, please contact Dr Kennett via email.