Cardiovascular disease and diabetes



Cardiovascular diseases and diabetes are the leading cause of undesired outcome among both men and women worldwide. There are many risk factors leading to this health state and although they might be non-modifiable (like age) and modifiable (like smoking, obesity), they again can be different among genders, therefore therapeutic approach might differ.


The big progress is made in regards to preventive therapies for cardiovascular disease and diabetes as they are essential in reducing negative health outcome.


Dr Kennett further recognizes the differences in underlying cause in both men and women and se is practicing personalized medicine in order to help you achieve your best health.


Elevated Cholesterol
Elevated Blood Pressure
Elevated or irregular heart rate
Heart and Stroke Warning Signs
Elevated blood sugar

Clinical testing

Lifelabs PULS Test
Coronary Calcification Score CT test - referred out
24 hour urinary hormone testing
Heart rate variability testing
Heart rate monitoring

Cardiovascular disease and diabetes treatments

Chelation therapy


Diet and lifestyle counseling

Naturopathic medicine

Prescription medications

Diet and lifestyle counseling