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Dr Kennett Jolene vision statement:


I will strive to improve the health of our community and re-define our approach to wellness and medicine though innovative health plans embodying all medical disciplines.


Some of my Core Values and goals:


Become a champion in the game of life

Reverse the escalating statistics of disease in our children through role-modeling health

Broaden perspective through passion in acquiring optimal health

Identify and address the underlying causes of imbalance affecting the body, mind, and soul

Nourish and develop balance in all your areas of expertise: health, family, friends, and career


“Let’s not forget how good it feels to function at our innate optimum

Dr Kennett Jolene

Dr. Jolene Kennett has spent more than a decade working with patients on an array of health issues, ranging from simple to complex, from acute to chronic. She studied at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, receiving her diploma in 2002. Since that time, Jolene has enjoyed a career as one of North Vancouver’s leading Naturopathic Doctors. She has been practicing in her own clinic, CareMed, since 2007. CareMed is currently situated in a heritage building in the heart of historic Lower Lonsdale. This culturally diverse, family-oriented neighbourhood is the perfect place for Jolene to offer her unique blend of wisdom and compassion-based treatments. What truly sets Jolene apart as a doctor is that she approaches her work with a rare blend of thorough research, constant educational pursuits and real doctor-patient connection. With this powerful combination, she is able to create a strong support system for her patients, ensuring their comfort and security at all times. Jolene believes that there is no room for ego in patient care, and this comes through in her open and understanding approach

Dr Kennett Jolene
Jolene prioritizes compassion and empathy, and is well-known for her gentle and kind yet professional and focused approach. She believes that mind/body balance can be achieved by anyone, and she helps her patients obtain this by creating in-depth health plans based on each patient’s individual needs. She’s what you would call a people person, able to communicate effectively and clearly with her patients. This is evident in the care Jolene takes to explain even the most difficult concepts so that everyone leaves with a sense of complete understanding. Jolene is deeply committed to her work, and to assisting patients in transforming all aspects of their health. There are myriad aspects of her work that bring her fulfillment, including providing symptom relief, explaining root causes, offering a listening ear and challenging patients to find the best version of themselves.
Dr Kennett Jolene
Jolene leads a rich and full family life in North Vancouver with her partner and their two children, as well as two Hungarian Vizslas. In rare moments of free time, she enjoys road trips with her family, healthy cooking, entertaining and volunteering in the community. It’s no coincidence that she lives in the community she practices in, and she is pleased to continue serving the North Shore. Jolene looks to the bright future of CareMed with optimism. She continues to expand her skills and credentials, so that she can offer a wider range of services to her patients. Education is a top priority, and she is constantly looking to elevate and expand her horizons as a doctor. Jolene is excited to continue offering top-quality naturopathic medicine, skin treatments, and more, and she looks forward to guiding you as you master health and achieve longevity.
Academic profile
  • 2002 graduate of UBC: Bachelor of Science degree
  • 2006 graduate of CCNM: Diploma of Naturopathic Medicine
    Licensed in:
    • Naturopathic Medicine
    • Prescribing Rights
    • Intravenous and Chelation Therapy
      Member in good standing with:
    • CNPBC (College of Naturopathic Physicians of BC)
    • BCNA (BC Naturopathic Association)