Top 10 Healthy Foods

Patients love these types of lists.  I am often asked, which foods should I eat?  Which foods pack the most nutrients?  I usually say there are many.  Then if I say “kale” – they make a face…”how do I cook that?”  or if  I say “chia” some will ask – what is that?  In the era of information and greater awareness of healthy choices, most people may know about these foods, but may not know how to incorporate them into their daily diet (refer to my “Why I love Pinterest” article if this is you).

After posing this question to a couple of my colleagues, I have narrowed the list of healthy foods down to 10.  There are countless lists out there, I am just saying these are the foods I think are important to incorporate into most people’s diets on a semi-regular basis.  It is by no means an exclusive list, and there are many other foods that I think are healthy.  It is also not in the order of importance.  All of these foods are equally great.

  • pomegranate
  • kale
  • ginger
  • tumeric
  • wild salmon
  • chia
  • freshly ground flax
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • kefir (can be made from dairy, almond, coconut milk)
  • VERY dark chocolate

Dr. Agnieszka Matusik, ND

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