Wind and the Common Cold

Chinese Medicine describes wind as rapidly changing symptoms that arise suddenly and are close to the top of the body. For example, feeling fine when you go to bed and waking up with a sore throat, chills and body aches. While most colds come from bacteria or viruses, what protects us from infections is keeping our surface qi strong, keeping our immune system strong. When we are trying to adjust to changes in climate our immune system is weakened and we are more vulnerable to catching infections.

Protect Your Immune System
1. Wear a scarf and/or hat to protect your head in the wind.
2. Avoid over-exercising in the wind: exercise to the point of sweating and then go home have a warm shower and put on warm clothes. When the pores open during sweating, it is easier for wind to invade.
3. If you are susceptible to joint pain, make sure your joints are covered. Wear a wrist warmer for carpal tunnel, a scarf wrapped around your low back for low back & hip pain.
4. See your CareMed acupuncturist for treatments and herbs as soon as any common cold signs appear; sneezing, sore throat, headache in back of neck, fever, chills, cough, sinus congestion, body aches, fatigue. This may curb, shorten or prevent the onset of common cold symptoms.

Jen Cherewaty, RTCMP, RAc

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